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About This Talk

Harnessing Quantum Physics

This panel will explore some of the deepest questions facing those who would harness the power of quantum mechanics in new quantum technologies: What are the newest and most interesting discoveries researchers have made about quantum information? What progress has been made in recent years towards experimentally harnessing quantum devices for quantum computation? What are the main motivations for building quantum information processing technologies? Drs. Aharonov and Shor appear courtesy of Institute for Quantum Computing.
Speaker Information
  • Michele Mosca, Deputy Director

  • University of Waterloo/IQC
  • Dr. Mosca is co-founder and Deputy Director of the Institute for Quantum Computing and an Associate Faculty member at Perimeter Institute. His principal research concerns the design of quantum algorithms, and he is known for his early work on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. He is a Scholar of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIAR) program in Quantum Information.
  • Avi Wigderson, Computer Scientist

  • Institute for Advanced Study
  • Avi Wigderson is a Professor at the School of Mathematics, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton. His research interests include randomness and computation, quantum computation and communication, and cryptography. He is the recipient of many awards, including the Nevanlinna Prize.
  • Daniel Gottesman, Faculty

  • Perimeter Institute
  • Daniel Gottesman, a faculty member at Perimeter Institute, has spent over 10 years working in the field of quantum information and is widely regarded as a world expert on techniques for preventing errors in quantum computing. A former student of John Preskill, he has worked at Los Alamos, Microsoft Research, and UC Berkeley.
  • Peter Shor, Morss Professor of Applied Mathematics

  • Peter Shor is a professor of Applied Mathematics at MIT. He is most famous for his work on quantum computation, in particular for devising Shor's algorithm, a quantum algorithm for factoring exponentially faster than the best currently-known algorithm running on a classical computer. He was awarded the Nevanlinna Prize in 1998. Dr.Shor appears at the Q2C Festival courtesy of Institute for Quantum Computing.
  • Dorit Aharonov, Professor

  • Hebrew University
  • Dr. Aharonov is a professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the Hebrew University in Israel. Her work is focussed on quantum computing, quantum algorithms, and quantum cryptography, as well as understanding how to do quantum computation with noisy quantum systems. Dr. Aharonov appears at the Q2C Festival courtesy of Institute for Quantum Computing.
  • Ignacio Cirac, Director of the Theory Division

  • Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics
  • Ignacio Cirac is Director of the Theory Division of the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics. He is a leading quantum information theorist whose research aims to characterize quantum phenomena and to develop a new theory of quantum information - work which may ultimately contribute to the development of quantum computers.
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