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About This Talk

Communicating Science in the 21st Century

Science journalism is the essential glue connecting science to society. Looking around the world, how is science journalism changing? Is science journalism even essential to good science communication? How else might scientists come to understand the relationship between new technologies and the products of research and the public who will ultimately use them?
Speaker Information
  • Kathryn O'Hara, CTV Chair in Science Broadcast Journalism

  • Kathryn O'Hara holds the CTV Chair in Science Broadcast Journalism at Carleton University in Ottawa. She has worked over twenty-five years in radio and television as a host, reporter, producer and researcher mainly in public broadcasting. Ms. O'Hara is president of the Canadian Science Writers' Association.
  • Ivan Semeniuk, Science Reporter

  • Mr. Semeniuk has worked as a science journalist in both print and broadcast media. He was US bureau chief for New Scientist and a columnist and field producer for Discovery Channel's science show Daily Planet. In 2007 he was named a Knight Fellow in Science Journalism at MIT. He holds degrees in science journalism and astronomy and physics.
  • Nadia El-Awady, President WFSJ, Freelance Science Journalist

  • Nadia El-Awady is a freelance journalist, lecturer of online journalism at the Al-Ahram Canadian University in Cairo, and a coordinator for a World Federation of Science Journalists training program of science journalists. She co-founded the Arab Science Journalists Association and was its first president, and is now the President of the World Federation of Science Journalists.
  • Véronique Morin, Science Writer/Producer

  • Canadian Science Writers' Association (CSWA/ACRS)
  • Véronique Morin is a freelance science journalist for television, radio and magazines. She is currently developing a new documentary and series of articles under the prestigious fellowship "CIHR Science journalism award", as well as pursuing other freelance projects, and working as science journalist for the science magazine program Le Code Chastenay on the public network Tele- Quebec. Veronique Morin was president of the Canadian Science Writers' Association (CSWA) from 2001-2005. She was elected the first president of the World Federation of Science Journalists (WFSJ) from 2002-2004.
  • Chad Orzel, Uncertain Principles Blogg

  • Union College
  • Chad Orzel is an Associate Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Union College, and maintains a blog, Uncertain Principles, as part of ScienceBlogs.com. His book, How to Teach Physics to Your Dog, explaining quantum physics through imaginary conversations with his dog Emmy, will be published in December.
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