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Q2Cfestival.com      Lecture Series presented by KPMG - Whole Earth Discipline  

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Lecture Series presented by KPMG - Whole Earth Discipline

Three profound transformations are under way on Earth right now. Climate change is real and is pushing us toward managing the planet as a whole. Urbanization—half the world’s population now lives in cities, and eighty percent will by midcentury—is altering humanity’s land impact and wealth. And biotechnology is becoming the world’s dominant engineering tool. In light of these changes, environmentalists are going to have to reverse some longheld opinions and embrace tools that they have traditionally distrusted. Only a radical rethinking of traditional green pieties will allow us to forestall the cataclysmic deterioration of the earth’s resources.
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About Stewart Brand


The Long Now Foundation

Mr. Brand is co-chairman of the board of directors for The Long Now Foundation. He is also co-founder and managing director of Global Business Network and GBN Book Club. Mr. Brand is well known for founding, editing and publishing the "Whole Earth Catalog".
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