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Over 6000 students toured the Physica Phantastica Exhibit! Among the highlights were the two person gyroscope, magnetically levitated train, and the Real D 3D tour of the universe narrated by Stephen Hawking. Students also experienced inspriring presentations, including The Physics of Innovation, and The Challenge of Quantum Reality.



"From an educator's point of view, this event was extremely well organized and the activities were relevant and interesting for secondary school students. I also know that this event has inspired the direction of post-secondary studies of at least one student and that in itself made the trip worthwhile." Donna Benoit, Physics Teacher, Emery Collegiate Institute.


PI continues to connect with youth and educators through the EinsteinPlus Teacher Workshops, Perimeter Explorations in-class modules, Physica Phantastica on-location presentations and by offering the International Summer School for Young Physicists

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