The Quantum to Cosmos Festival is a not-for profit organization. We rely on support from our generous partners and sponsors. Aligning your organization with Quantum to Cosmos will provide a unique opportunity to reach a diverse, online, scientifically interested community.

Supporting the Quantum to Cosmos Festival will allow our partners to:

  • Raise their profile and brand with an enquiring audience, both on-site and on-line
  • Demonstrate their good corporate citizenship in the new knowledge era
  • Create opportunities for corporate hospitality
  • Enhance relationships with clients, stakeholders and staff
  • Tailor their existing programs to attract new interest
  • Be part of an exciting platform for science engagement and innovation

If you would like to know how a partnership with Quantum to Cosmos Festival can benefit your organization please contact:

Sunny Tsang
Sponsorship & Marketing Manager
519-569-7600 Ext. 5040
stsang [at] perimeterinstitute [dot] ca

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